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prolotherpayProlotherapy is an alternative to repair torn ligaments and tendons. There are many Physicians performing this natural technique and are very well trained. What sets me apart from others is my careful evaluation on the injured area and assessing the joints above and below the injured area. For instance if the ankle is sprained I will focus on the injured ligaments that are weak and torn. I will first, make sure all lower extremities are functioning in their proper fashion, when an ankle is sprained there is some disruption with how the ankle glides or moves. Most people adjust to the injury over time, but the consequence may develop a knee problem or a great toe problem. By proper manipulation of joint before the Prolotherapy is performed is vital. Sticking a needle in the area is simple, but what becomes the art of Prolotherapy is placing the joint back in proper position and then precisely injecting the solution to repair the torn ligaments or tendons.

Over the last 9 years I have treated the acute injuries and the chronic injuries with great success. I have seen patients cancel surgery to stabilize their ankles because a simple injection fixes their complaints. I have seen a recent ankle sprain from football; basketball; soccer, and volleyball heal within a matter of weeks and allowing the patient to play sooner then what I expected without any reoccurrence of the condition. I have seen patients with 20 years to 25 years of chronic pain no longer have pain and are putting away their braces.

Is Prolotherapy for you? There are factors that hinder this natural injection. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Robison to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

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